Silvia Beck is a visual artist based in Berlin. and holds a professorship for Drawing/Illustration/Moving Image at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design, Hochschule Niederrhein, Fachbereich Design in Krefeld (DE).

Silvia Beck works with a variety of media - such as video, performance, sound and photography. Her interdisciplinary practice always engages with the exhibition space in the form of site specific configurations and arrangements. She co-founded LSD Gallery on Potsdamer Strasse with several artists, and was one of its lead directors 2012–2014. Silvia Beck was honored with the Advancement Award of Rhineland-Palatinate and got working grants and scholarships from Berlin Senate Administration for Culture and the Berlin Cultural Endowment Foundation, i.a. she was Artist-in-Residence at Q21 International, Museumsquartier Wien 2015.